February 08, 2008

Heading Tag

Heading Tag Weights for On Page Optimization:-

Header tags are a truly very good way of adding up more credence inside your page content for your primary and secondary keywords. There are 6 types of Header Tags H1 to H6 which are different in size and weight. Always include on your page are H1 for your primary keywords and H2 (For sub title)for your secondary keywords. For the most excellent results you be supposed to keep your H1 tag clear of valuable words and place it as close to the top of your page as possible. The H2 Tags are more for subheadings inside your page and should contain your secondary keywords. One of the secondary keywords we are targeting is 'SEO Practice book' so this would be a good H2 Tag on our home page. Header tag is important for visitors also, since heading tag tells both search engine and visitors what the content is all about.

February 04, 2008


A meta tag which describes the purpose of the website or web page. Some search engines use all or part of the description tag in their own description of the site. Typically, all tags can be viewed when a user right clicks on a web page and clicks view source.description should be less than 255 characters.SEO experts and tools like this one would have you believe that providing a good "meta-description" can help to make sure that those search engines have something readable to display under results listing your site. A description tag usually looks like:

February 03, 2008

Title Tag

Title Tag:
"The title tag is the first and important part of your web page the search engine reads. It needs to define what the content of your page is so the search engines know what they have found.Your title tag needs to contain the primary keywords you are targeting and shouldn't be cluttered with useless words which have no value (such as and,the ,etc)."
Title tag is the most important place to have keywords is in your page title.Title tag must be less than 68 character and between the . Search engines put a lot of importance on title.Do not use in,and ,etc .. words in the title. If you’re not using keywords in your page title you’d better have a lot of links popularity to that page.You should write unique page titles for each page of your website and use the keywords for which you are optimizing your pages. There’s no need to include red widgets in the title for your blue widgets page though of course you should use the word widget.