February 01, 2008

On Page Optimization

On page Optimization Technique:-

ON page Search Engine Optimization is making sure that your website is a Search Engine friendly as possible .If your website is not Optimized then you have less chances of getting good result in any Search Engine.On page SEO include strategy so that you can do on a given page to increase its chances of being index by a search engine. It includes all of your content(unique content for each and every page) and the way you present that content. It includes where, how, and how often you use your keywords on your page.
The most important thing is your page title that should be less then 68 characters. Search
Engines consider your page title to be very indicative of what can be found on the page so you’d
better make sure to get some keywords in your pages titles.

Meta tage (title,meta description,meta keyword tags) ,
Page Heading :
Heading tages,
Main Page text,
Strong ,Bold or Italic tags,
Images Alt tags and attributes,
file name and
Site age
Site size
Domain name
Keywords Density
Keyword Emphasis
Clean Design and Navigation
is very important theme of improvement of a website so that your website getting good result in any search engine.

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